Convert any music or movie to unprotected media formats
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You can choose
between three editions of TuneRaft, aimed to satisfy various customers’ needs:

converts practically any audio file which you can play on your PC
TuneRaft Professional has an additional function - Audio CD ripper.
TuneRaft Ultra Video
has an extra feature of video conversion.

Convert Napster files to MP3

Napster to MP3 Converter

Napster LLC (formerly Roxio Inc.) is an online music provider offering a variety of purchase and subscription models. The company's name and logo are derived from the infamously free Napster peer-to-peer file trading service, which was shut down after a series of legal actions taken by the RIAA. The brand name was later purchased by Roxio, to capitalize on the notoriety and popularity of the former service.

Currently Napster is a well-known music subscription service which delivers music files in WMA format (Windows Media Audio).

TuneRaft can convert Napster files to mp3 and other unprotected formats if you have valid licenses for playback of those files on your PC.



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